Saturday, October 04, 2014

Call for change?

So I got an anonymous phone call from an unknown number at 3am. Now usually I don’t answer anonymous calls, but this one was kind of at an oddball time and I figured it was probably going to be a friend of mine. Although the voice sounded very familiar I had no clue who it was.  It was PROBABLY DEJUAN though.

The Call went like this ..

Caller: Hey is this Book?
Caller: Are you going to that homecoming up there?
Me: Nah Bruh….
Caller:  Aw dang, Well I was really calling to see if you could spare some change? You got anything I can borrow?
Me: Nah Bruh..
Caller: aww Dang, I really needed it (**click**) call over.

at the end of that conversation my mind was boggled. LOL! No Words can describe my face after that call LOL!.. Today as I stated in the beginging, It sounded like either Dejuan or Kev.. but I doubt it was kev. and It could have even been ole boy from Florida .. with that said .. #TERRIBLE! that’s all LOL!

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