Monday, March 02, 2015

Getting Things Done

Okay, Maybe I personally don’t have all my stuff together, but I feel good about the projects I’m now involved in. and I owe it all to other folks, but it’s causing me to make connections with the right folks for the right reasons.

Most Recently I volunteered with photography and videography for the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation “Rock Your Roll” event. thanks to Robin.

I took a snapshot of the release form too. apparently I’ll be doing this until it ends. I’ll be able to put this on my resume too!  Credited with works in film and photography.  I feel good about that too.

I’ve been talking heavily with Solomon and some others on the board now to get things done both on an offline for our org NOLAB. I I hope to make the right decisions along with their approval to make what we have work. I’m very excited honestly.

I was able to talk to Ethan Brown briefly, conversation ending partially due to a call for a gig.  Can’t wait til that’s over lol.  I also caught up with my boy Mike Jones.. otherwise I gotta get my personal life together  and THEN make some moves because I don’t want to be stuck.. that’s all I can say for now.

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