Thursday, May 14, 2015

I received a call from someone...

I'm trying to figure out who this is.

A woman named Erin (i think) called me leaving 3 text messages May 13th at Noon, in reference to a program in New York, it helps you study the word of god., It was weird, she called me  her son who's name is Joshua, He looks like me, and she calls him .. Nemo... she said she was my "Supernatural Mother"... it was weird to me ..

She mentioned that I gave her a CD (which I don't remember giving a CD to anyone LOL  also i' never met anyone while "Break Dancing on Canal Street either.

 My guess to that is This is a woman i met after a bayou classic just outside of the  Super dome ,I think i gave her a card..  this woman was saying she was the Golden child and was looking for help from the person who discovered her (SU's recently decided band director apparently)....that woman had issues ..and i think this woman who called me is the same person because She seems to have mental issues too

So I'm listening to the first message and She mentioned alot of biblical scriptures,
I believe she has a misconception of God, and the Christian Religion or "The Supernatural" as she says. .. She stated that she's trying to get a Rainbow. She believes that if you receive an angel at the top of your head and at the Soles of your feet, along with a Rainbow and some wings you become a a Salvation Vehicle....Phone Clicks out ..

2nd  she said something like "Baby Genius/Jesus the black way or Baby Genus the Negro Way. she asked "Have you ever seen a baby genius?

 see mentioned some dates of Something, Scriptures she read in Joshua and Nehemiah, she prayed and was thankful for things such as  helthcare, housing, rehabs, money social security, fruits and veggies, welfare and food stamps....and i think she said  brassiere...or maybe Brass Heels or "Payers here ./. it was VERY HARD TO MAKE OUT  i find it scary..I think this woman is in a rehab center.

I'll post an audio clip in a newer post

3rd messege, she wants to know if i can hear the message... She mentions more scriptures .. This is when she tells me about her her son's nickname was Nemo before the movie ..  She never had sex  nor oral with a woman with a vagina,  ( i think she was reading something too btw).. then she tells me her name again..    I gotta figure this one out man..  I was scare do call back so I didn't lol AHH!!

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