Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Location Bringing New Concerns for some McDonogh 35 Alumni

There’s been some concern over the location of the Newly Built McDonogh #35 High School in the past year. The school will be adjacent to the new Juvenile Detention Center, for some Alumni, That’s a Problem. 

As a former Resident of the neighborhood 35 will be moving into. I can speak on behalf and say this…The Juvenile Detention Center should be the least of their worries.
Considering the other threats  and possibilities that could possibly plague the area as it did in the past. the Juvie Detention Center was never really a concern.

In The Past, Pre Katrina There was Nothing Subliminal about a Juvie Detention Center being in the area.  It did not play an Indirect nor direct part in the Progression or lack there of, within the schools and neighborhood around us, It was a constant reminder of where we don’t want to end up. Yet at the same time, Nothing Sublime about it.

Adjacent to the Juvenile Center Pre Katrina was Edward H. Phillips Jr High, Vorice Jackson-Waters Elementary, a NORD Playground, and an Active Waterway.
there were other "Threats and Possible Threats" Plagued that the area that made the Juvenile Detention Center seem invisible.

Not Much Different than  the current location in Historic Treme, where as on North Villerie (adjacent to the  Current and Closing McD35 Location , during the school day, Murders took place . nobody  on the streets surrounding the school. Nobody complained about that  problem because those threats weren't remotely connected to the school. 

A detention center of that kind is no more an issue than Israel Augustine School being across the street from the Israel Augustine Court House & OPP.
Lastly,there are some "Threats" that are inevitable, and although can be avoided, it doesn't mean the possibilities of things happening are not real.

In the video Below, An Alumnae States her Concern

The Reality. It’s not Close enough to be “Connected” to the Juvie Center

For years The Schools and the Park were there on an Open Gate Campus
Although the Neighborhood was filled with crime, The only treat to students was the possibility of something off campus coming on campus and causing trouble. which No Different than the current Location of McDonogh 35 which is in a fairly similar neighborhood

The Invisible Threat was more a problem than the things that actually happened in the area. .. below  I will make  Light of the Possible situations, Pardon me if you don’t find it funny

  • There were cases in the past of children being snatched up around schools, We referred to that is “The Raper Man” coming (yeah, like a boogeyman rapist)
  • A Dog Attack could happen
  • An Alligator could pop up on campus from the bayou
  • Someone could Drown in the Bayou
  • It floods badly during storms, and they didn’t raise the land mass there.
  • Drug Dealers, Loiterers,  People with guns, Drugs, Alcohol
  • ^^ There are Liquor stores around the campus  (I am saying that as if there weren’t any around 35 Kelerec location)
  • There’s a Nursing Home across the street!

God Forbid anything to happen, but it doesn’t mean it cant…

My Point is Nobody cared about the Detention center,  because it was no treat to the progression of the students.. nothing had a direct connection to that center.and we shouldn't focus on the subliminal representation...

I'd be more concerned with Messing up my Vehicle driving down Cadillac Street.

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