Saturday, May 09, 2015

The Randomness

Well of all things, I haven't done  "The Randomness"  entry in a while... WELL!

As I stated in the threads before, I've got work to do. as it relates to NOLA-B, because if i don't We won't exist. I also have projects that need to be completed. I wish i had gotten paid for the first one because It won't be done until I get my funds. I can't produce without funds because I need equipment.  Crazy but true.

Speaking of that. I have been forced to Compete and Gather myself. Put myself out there as the brand that it is, because I realize that i'm falling short, when I could be out there in the field, getting that good footage in and upgrading my hardware to do bigger and better things It's time I make the moves to make it happen.

Summerslam box set
The Other day, I received a package from Solomon, it was a used Summerslam DVD collection and it's done me WELL since I've gotten it.. It's also added to the distraction LOL but i'm okay with that. Maybe in order to organize, I have to make some changes to my life/ maybe i'm going to have to get rid of some things.  sell something to the pawnshop to clear some space.

In Other News
My Sister got hit by a Car (side swiped) while..To bad she can't do anything about it. get didn't get any information on the vehicle. she has a bused leg.  Terrible.

I just wrote in my BLOG!!
haven't done this in a minute.
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