Monday, October 26, 2015

Storming In Houston for Homecoming

Well, Tonight (this morning) I'm checking in from Houston, Texas.
I Only have 2 more days left here,  that is Today and Tuesday because I am leaving Wednesday.
I'm Glad to have made this visit to Houston, It was much needed.
I saw my Crab Brothers, Crab Sisters, and folks from surrounding years and earlier eras. and they were all great. The band itself was great, Campus life was great, no drama on campus other than that which was self evident. So many faces, I was just happy. too bad it ended too soon.

There were folks I wanted to see that were not there, There were also folks I met that I had known for some years now, but had never been able to meet them. I'm glad these folks made it to the game in the rain to witness this event.

So many people are talking about how poor the attendance was. Yet considering that the game was rescheduled for an earlier time and took place in the middle of a storm it was a GREAT turn out, also considering the fact that at the average game, there's less of a crowd than that.

As for what I see, I saw greatness, I see good things about the ocean. there are some things I can't say that I agree with, but for the most part, I support what the ocean is putting out there and that's what matters. I gotta continue doing my part though.

As far as being here in Houston. My Brother, His wife and my 2 year old niece are amazing people!
I've been able to enjoy myself with them. I appreciate it too.  .

Wow Man..
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