Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Confederate Monuments: My Thoughts.

I've followed the news about the monuments since it emerged, but I've only talked about it stated my thoughts over facebook. That's a good thing, but I haven't blogged about it (a bad thing, right!) Well. Here we go, my thoughts on the issue.

I have seen and heard many opinions and I think many of the discussions were great. Many folks are only thinking on one side of the table. Which is cool. but after watching the hearing at city hall on TV. I had to sit and agree with Mayor Landrieu about what to do with the monuments.

I think that taking the statues down from their current positions will make some folks happy. but It really is not a nuisance specifically to me, because it doesn't bother me. I think that the Monuments themselves matter because they can be a learning tool (and are learning tools).  when I was little I saw monuments all over this city, I wondered who they were and why they were important enough for a statue of some kind. Then after reading about them or learning of them in school. It made. it a little more interesting that they're there.

Lee Circle Itself is a historic channel for many reasons,. not because of Robert E. Lee's monument. but because during the Mardi Gras season. It was  a Location where the black people harbored to watch the Rex Parade,  and today is a Pivital point in the parade route, Literally marking a Central point "Before the Judges Stands" at Gallier hall during parade season.  Talking down the monument will have absolutely no impact, but changing the official name of the circle just might seem weird for a while, Why? because We New Orleanians are very Nostalgic. which means, Whether the street name changes, We'll still call it what it is.   As Is, Jefferson Davis Parkway  we cling on to these things.

Speaking of name changes, This whole thing opens up the door or everybody to say "I'm offended by this, Take it down"  There are many Street names and other things that would have to be changed under the same circumstances that brought the taking down of the 4 monuments.   We've changed the names of Schools, For example. Governor Nichols. The School's name was changed to Douglass but the street is Still the same name.  We still have some McDonogh Schools  and we still have a McDonogh Statue on St. Charles Avenue.

History can't be changed by taking down monuments, In fact, history is being made by taking them down I hope they do build a park of monuments or even have them in the proper museums for reasons that the statuses are reminders of the past.  whether that's a great or bad history it still happened. although it shouldn't be "Honored"  it has to be acknowledged in some way for educational reasons.

We had a Confederate Museum which has had a name change in the past few years. I've never been inside but I do understand that it's a commemorative reminder  everything that lead up to the War which the union won.  It's the perfect place to house those statuse in my opinion.

On my part, I understand the history behind who the statues represent., but it just doesn't offend me. it doesn't make me upset, I don't think it's racist to have the history displayed publicly either. Most of all, the statues don't represent me. therefore taking them down does not make a difference in my life. , but with them down. It makes me wonder what they will be replaced with. That it will be interesting to see I've seen comments saying They should replace Lee with Statues of King Rex and Zulu  at Lee Circle. that would be great, the Blue Dog would be great as well..

We live in a society where everyone is sensitive, everyone finds everything offensive. and I'm not one of those people because I'm not easily offended.  I would be more offended by things that have a direct impact on me. Like the guy who walked on a bus while I was in Houston, he yelled "You All are a just a bunch of Niggers and Jews" after not being given a Quarter.  He also Heckled the bus driver which was a black woman.  I was totally offended by that.  I wanted to punch him in his face. but the driver handled it accordingly.

Ultimately, I'm Glad they're down simply because it satisfies some folks. Now they don't have to complain about i being an eye sore to them, but that's all I really have to say about it

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