Monday, February 22, 2016

The Facade, The Reality

After Katrina, I woke up to a world where i realized that everything was a big facade. because It was a time where ll the rules and laws created the world we live in got thrown out of the window. then not to long after, new rules came, certain things changed and the way the world was ran changed.

Social Media even leveled the platform of what was once untouchable is now reachable and is evident of the reason i feel this way..

On facebook, although you can list your qualities and qualifications, We are only identified by name. everything that separates us by class, age, level of education, social status etc. are thrown out the window.

why because online you can see 2 people from different walks of life have an open discussion or heated debates, because online, the rules are different.. Yet in essence,

its a world where your corporate perks don't matter all of the time. because nobody knows or even cares who you are. and your personal power is only limited to the web services rules.

Curse out a Judge on facebook and that Judge cant really do you anything especially if you're not in his city, state, country... do it in his court room and he can throw you in jail..

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