Thursday, March 31, 2016

Something made me think of you...

Today I was having a discussion with someone which was clear confirmation to something myself and a friend were discussing over the phone.. that discussion made me think of a friendship I had with woman by the name of.. well never mind.. those who know, will know when they see this..

While in Texas, I met this young lady, we connected on many levels, a very solid friendship, a she's still a good friend but that connection faded due to lack of communication. but we are still cool./...
For the most part, She wasn't single and everybody liked her. I did too. and I always thought about What if she was mine... no doubt I don't think she ever had any "feelings" for me beyond friendship. but I honestly can say I was in love, and it's like I wish she was mine, but on the contrary I loved the bond we had, and still have.  

Man, I used to travel to Texas just to see her, But of course after her college days and moving in to her career, communication between us was seldom. yet  just last year we saw each other, she had a very Lit reaction to seeing me, as i had expected her to be there doing what she does best.

That reaction let me know that the fire is still there. but life goes on. I miss her a alot, but I'm glad to know she's doing well There are some connections you just wouldn't wanna break. and because of that I'm also grad I had never gotten in a relationship with her.. yet, if  I  were given the opportunity I would have taken it.

There are perks of being in in a friendship  that are greater than a relationship and Vice Versa. but for the most part for us, we were 400 miles after I left Texas,..I never got to hang out with her beyond the schools environment, I wish i would have been able to.  Every time I see her it's always a big smile, a big greeting, a big hug, and I feel the electricity because it's still there. we  canstill connect.. but we don't... I miss her, I love her

Another thing it made me realize is, I have a few close female friends, I'm glad we are friends too, because in high school/middle school. I wasn't communication with females like i wanted to. but they're so gar away I have nobody I can hang out with.. I'm glad i have them all though.

As for that girl from Texas, I just wish we could talk more.. but because I respect her personal life,..I don't try contact her.   I miss her alot though..

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