Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Saturday I Had 2 Events:

The First Event

I Spent the later half of my day at an Arts event Titled "Duck Sauce" as hosted by Bruce Davenport aka "The Dapper Bruce Lafitte" I was to record, I got there with Gerard Howard who also had work on display,  while there, I was able to meet all the artists in the building including visitors such as John Slade and former Xavier University President as well as Dr. Norman Frances. Ironically he and I had a bit of a marching band conversation. although I had never told him I was part of the band, he sure asked about my Band director and also mentioning St. Augustine's legendary late Band Director "Edwin Hampton"  after I had told him I attended Kennedy.

 I Also saw my old Teacher from NOCCA Mrs. Johnson who  Introduced me to her Husband. Great guy, I was invited to a photographers group meeting which takes place at SUNO. I'll show up one day, just not soon sue toan event I'm attending on behalf on my organization "NOLA-B"  who  is sponsoring a Drummers Expo next Saturday..

Talking to the artists were great, because these people are every day people just trying to make a living. It's so influential though because it all takes me to a place where I once was, a place that I need to get back to.

The Second Event
This was just a 21 year old's party which lasted well on till 1am. good times though.
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