Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A Response to the Madness in Our City

Recently, In relation to Will Smith's Murder, lots of us are talking about this, Including Tyrann Matthieu who grew up in my neighborhood.  In his video, he blames the system we live under. I agree with him to an extent.. I saw a few facebook post that called him out on being "Wrong" about some of it. and I understand that too.

Below, is His Video, Beneath it is my Response to a Response which was in reference to his video.

I saw this video on someones page who disagreed with Tyrann, and I understood her pain. She mentioned how their are good parents who find things for their kids to do whether educational or recreational .. there was more (Here it is) ..

My Post: 
There's a lot of things for kids to do, but not every parent is there to support their children in a way that many of you all do. What we don't have "COMMUNITY , as in COMMON UNITY". there was a time where everyone in the neighborhood knew each other, the children practically invented things to do with each other if there wasn't a specific program available to them. and to a point, the Adults respected one another. Now days, our neighborhoods are full of private strongholds, We don't know our neighbors so we are all in defense mode,  You can't say hi without a batted eye, you can't walk on someones property or even bump someone without conflict or a gun being drawn. It's not totally the system, its how we take care of our own.

Many of us came from the same Hood, yet we all came into adulthood and moved on with our lives, Whether by choice or force we moved away from the Hood,  Yet we still represent what's to come of the people from the hood.. Meaning, we are not part of the statistics. We are not who "They" think we are. Nor did we become what the statistics figured we would be.  In a way we can say  "We Made It" even if we aren't that successful...

Coming into adulthood we all have our personal issues, whether they're good or bad, we deal wit it in different ways. Some of us let things get to us to the point where we can implode. But we DON'T. None of  what we go through should trigger us to pull a trigger. We should be able to handling a situation like an adult, We grew up doing we weren't supposed to do. we learned from it and to this day constantly learn from our mistakes. but we live through it.

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