Sunday, March 19, 2006

Katrina Animal Rescue Is Still Active

If you or anyone you know is looking for a pet, Tell them to check this lonk out.

Before this Link was up, my family and I were In search of our dog Cheddar. Little did we know , The Petfinder message board members were discussing our ordeal. we decided to join the board & post our info also which lead to the help. These people were a mass help & they still care. It took hard work from a loads of people that love animals & they are the reason why we have our dog back now. I'm not asking you to Join.... IM DEMANDING YOU!.. Join This Site If You're looking for a pet and they will Try their Hardests to find it.

Here are some old Posts on Petfinder Board Just to let you see what they did for us

Dog Left on I-610 - This was the Big topic & Thread on Petfinder

Our Cheddar (also known as Chat) was found & sent on the day before thanksgiving. here is what happened the day he came home.

Here's Pictures The Day He Came Back Home

Here's A Video For You Below.

See what they did for us?... They can do that for you too.
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