Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Defraging and Registery fixing

what happening everybody. I have something for ya heres the deal.

After defragging with Windows Defrag I found that my files couldnt be defragged because of a block.. Sooo.. I downloaded the O&O Defrag 2000, But just like a dummy I forgot to Read while clicking the Next Button. so basically that deleted Windows Defrag. okay .. O&O is cool and all but it really was created for Win 2000.

After attempting to re-install Windows defrag. I found myself at a hult. .. I went to "" This time to find the Software needed, Usually I use Filehippo which i also think is cool and recommend as a site of choice for freeware and open source software.

But anyway I Ran Across this program called Auslogics Disk Defrag, Looks good, Simple to use and its Free.

But what surprised me is this other thing called "Abexo Free Regisery Cleaner" I didnt defrag with it But That Sucka just did wonders cleaning my registry. Its Like CCleaner in Hypermode. and its been around for a while. It has other functions too but i hadn't used them yet. yes it does defrag. read the discription before you download.

Looks like Thousands have already gotten to them!

I gotta get some sleep, its 5

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