Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Look's like Warner has Sued Imeem

I just read an article about Imeem being sued for Massive Copyright infringement.

It's wild, because just like myspace, and youtube, Imeem had become a well known social network. Why? because anyone is allowed to upload their media to it and publish the widget on their personal profiles on other social networks. Mainly the Music widget has created the controversy.

Check TechCrunch

Today the company received even worse news. Warner Music sued Imeem, alleging massive copyright infringement by allowing users to stream music to others. Lawsuits like these can’t simply be ignored (See Napster and, unless you happen to be based outside of the U.S. This may be the end of a good run for the company, unless they can find a way to claim protection under the DMCA and get themselves out of this.

Skrewy aint It? ..

Yeah man, I use Imeem, not only had i used it for myspace. but I realized that i could use it as a clip host for my Alma Maters Band Website whuch i turned in to a blog a few months ago.

Hope they dont shut down.
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