Friday, May 04, 2007

Floods in N,O

It rained this morning between probably off and on for about 7 hours off and on till about 3am. It caused flooding and everything. My power came on about an hour ago. I talked my folks about that. It didnt flood where i live but in certain areas where the land is low there were up to 3.5 feet of water. thats Bad.. hopefully the Levee people will learn from this, and what ever is to come. that wasnt even that Bad of a thunder storm.

When i was younger, It was Cool if the lights or if it flooded went out, esoecially on a school day because the school was DARK and it made the day Funner some times. but now its kinda Scary. Flooding wasnt as deep.. we used to Hope it gets up to your knees so we could play in it. but after katrina you just kant play with water. lol.. Water is the strongest force on Earth
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