Saturday, May 05, 2007

In Light of all Hell!, She Sings!

Here's My "AP" Moment.

Floods, Tornado's, Murders and Mourning... All this week The Badness around the storms. a whole contryside's downtown area's been wiped out by tornados. Here in N.O. The Water's gone, Raw Sewage wsa cleaned up overnight and There was a Murder who killed 2 people, Unforunatly his past wasn't great either. He's Killed 2 ex wives in the past. Now he strikes again. 1 in the 60's one in the 80's and now A Friend and a Cousin (i think) are victims.. Im not sure if He died as well. but they were in their 60's .. Shame..

Oh .. and Yeah.. Remember Bethany? .. Well, She Sings! Here's Her Myspace Artist page. She goes by "B. My'chael" The song is cool. but it reminds me of a recent McDonalds Radio Ad somewhere at the High points. LOL

She wants Everybody to Promote her for at least for a day. According to her Myspace Blog which states in Quote
iight yall since the last time i spoke with yall...i aint did no other still trying to push this if there is any possible way yall can add this joint as yall profile song for a day...I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT....

Like I said, The song is Okay, But I can't vouch for her on that one. it just doesnt appeal to me. .. and I mean that in The Nicest way possible.

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