Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Movies I have been Tuned in to Lately

Recently I've been On youtube Looking at loads of WcW clips realizing How Great the franchise was and what wrestling is today. Not Nearly as good!. yeah I stood up alnight searching for clips i could get to.and YEP i found a load of good ones!. well Here's My List

This Includes Both Offline and Online Films
  • Godzilla, (The One With Jet Jaguar)
  • WcW Entrance Reel
  • Poltergeist II (Henry Kane)
  • CB4
  • Enter The Dragon
  • LMAO Hillary Clinton Sings The National Anthem! (just got this one)
  • DreamGirls
  • Loads of WWE Classic Matches
  • Wrestlers Interviews
  • Mad TV Skits

LOL, yeah well .. Just Check my Youtube Favorites to see what im refering to
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