Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Okay so I Lied

(Title Refering to My last entry) .. yeah I guess I couldn't sleep.. So that means mostlikely i wont do everything i said was going to do.

In other news...

I found myself reasding the Recovery School Districts Uniform policy. To me, NOPS's Uniform Policy was always Cool and The only Extra rules were the ones that each individual school applied.

Most were Common Rules for example: No Head gear on makes, No "This Color" T Shirts under uniform , .. You Know .. Simple stuff .. But to me. The Recovery School Districts Policy Which i thought was all good at first. SUX! ..lol See .. I thought it was cool because the students are allowed to wear any color they may, as long as it is Clean and in a Uniformed style .. .. But now that I've seen This part of the Policy .. It Sux-a-million.
No emblems or logos are allowed on shirts, pants, shorts, skorts, skirts, jackets, outerwear, headwear, belts, or any other items of clothing, jewelry, backpacks, decoration or decorative trim, including emblems, logos, and decorations bearing a school name, mascot, or other identifiable school symbol, plaid, or designation. No students shall wear or display any item that can be identified with a particular school.
All Of that was Bolded on the Policy page because they want to make it Clear.
Common Sense would let these people know that EVERY PRODUCT has a logo on it. Usually The Uniforms that NOPS Schools wear Has the Dickies Logo on the pants leg and also near the bottom of the shirt or sometimes on the pocket depending on which shirt you buy.

As for headwear, Jewlry. That Mainly applies to males who wear Ear rings., thats normal. because when i was in school, the main part of the whole rule was that They dint want anything that would cause a distraction .. You know the kinda thing that would be the talk of the class.. For example, We had A girl with High lighted Blue hair and wore Heavy Make up, she wasnt Cute but she Wanted the attention,. THATS what the Rule is there fore .. also with males ..

what I really dont like is that, RSD doesnt want these kids to Represent their school While in Scjool or in Public, According to them, you just Attend the school, seems like they dont want the kids to have School Spirit. At least Allow these kids to wear the school colors/logos. because it not only represents Them, it represents Everything about that schools past.

Today i still Call my self a Kennedy Cougar, If the school Ever closes Im still a Cougar for life. Same as Fortier they Represtented hard Like if they were born at the school. they (RSD) probably dont want those school rivalries to get Heated, but that doesn't happen often in N.O. Them Kids aint that crazy just to attack people in the Neighborhoods. Man this is AFTER Katrina. The Kids who Attend these schools today were ib Middle school and Elemetary when those schools were on and poppin' ...

To Me .. All of This is just another way to keep kids from Having Fun. as for now. They Are like Prison Schools, 23+ Security guards. 40 Students in one Class, No recess No Good Food? .. Thats like Prison. Yeah Right now NOPS/RSD is not in Good shape. But they gotta Think. These Kids need aluttle Freedom. More Options. Let the Parents decide.

What ever happened to those oldschool News letters? the ones where ya had to mail of or bring home to parents. Keep the Parents updated. Let them decide whats good for the schools. because the people Running The System are Making it WORSE! Yeah They have a New Superintendent, So What!, This ain't a one Man Show.. NOPS and RSD MUST CLEAN HOUSE before they Start Making Plans for Failure!

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