Monday, May 07, 2007

I think that tommorrow I'll take a Day Off

What I mean by that is a day Offline, Keeping the ole Laptop cover Closed for a day . starting at 12. I just think i need to catch up on somethings. I just might go out and buy me some shoes I hadn't really been out on my own since i've been here, so i just might take a nice walk downtown.. First i have to get a good nights sleep though, thats why I plan on getting off. I only have one hour left. so I'll be getting my head start now ..

Well.. one more thing .. If i dont go out. I'll just put up the pc and try to Do something else for a day.. Like work on my handwriting or wrighting skills in General. I'll be reading my Book. most likely. yeah. .. well.. later yall..
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