Saturday, May 19, 2007

an old work report

Disassembling of Windows 98 Computer

(Computer 12)

\ July 27, 2006

This Disassembly of Computer 12 is Due to this computers condition.

Basic Information on This Computer

ØWindows 98 Special Edition

ØPentium II 350 MHz

Ø192 RAM

Ø10 GB Hard Drive

ØNo license information sticker

What Was Removed?

I Everything with the exception of the Motherboard

Lists of all Hardware removed below:

Ø3 Ribbon Cables

Ø3 Memory Modules

ØCD & Floppy Drives

ØHard Drive

ØSound Card

ØNetwork Interface Card

ØVideo Card

ØFull Power Supply Part No. # 332863-001


The Computer Box, Will be Recycled.

All saved hardware can and will be used in future projects.


That was some good fun for me, I loved that kinda work. Infact, I took this PC home with me :D
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