Friday, May 18, 2007

Some things of the moment

Beef Recalls.. Ahh Man.. I really need to lose weight now .. even thought its One company and certain states, it makes me want to give that up.

I Think NORD is Hiring! .. thats great I need to call that Number. I read about the meeting they had. I wish i could've been there to share my views.

There was a Girl on myspace who had something an entry called "Freedom of Speech. "N***ERS" (read it).

I agreed with some of what she said but when She stated ....
"Don't waste your time and energy on some f'n' foreigner who can't grasp the concept that they are f'n' retarded and in fact should go back to their native country"

After This, I replied "That Would also make you a Foreigner", She sent a message asking why do i say that... I said " because in the beginning everybody came to America from somewhere else. thats about all. "

She Said "You Do have a point There". From there I didnt sent anything back. because man.. its just some things that we say Such as the above quote in green that just makes me mad. lol yeah she's not black and she said The Dreadful N word. but that doesn't matter because that wasn't her point . Her point was basically to give someone a valid reason why they should be talked to / about in that manner. thats exactly what made me say that.

it didnt get out of hand which is reasonable. has Personal Pages Open to the Public, at first it wasnt that way. You still need to be Invited though .. My Profile here
lets see..

I Talked to Kandace for a good while, Thats my girl yall. we got a whole lot covered i can say. i hope to find somebody like her. mentally and physically to be with some time in the future .

Speaking of Girls, as i was doing my second Godzilla Entry Cristy called, She asked why i hadn't been calling her. And I really didnt know what to say. but what i did say is the same thing i told my boy Josiah. Which is also in the Entry from Yesterday About how I was feeling and just speaking on General things. I Saw her myspace page. I wish her picture was clearer. she's not bad looking at all though.

oh man.. Soeaking of that "Back to Kandace" .. We were talking about some things in her life such as het problems and things associated with Her Ex's and Band.. But eventually that made her say something about How one of them Needs a girlfriend to calm them down. Because of the kind of person they are. as i told her about Cristy, she said "You dont need a gf, because of the kind of person u are" .... a while after that she said "if you did have a girlfriend you'd need one you could clown around with, like You and Me do" .. and basically I was like .. Yup.. Thats It.. The Thing about that is that She's the one who I'm interested in and she knows it. I just wouldn't want to have to lose her in the end. I love that girl like the friend she is I Enjoy being on the phone with Her. I think she's a Beautiful person. and a great friend.. (I just repeated myself) .. Well.. If I could find her within someone else that would be great.

A Video that I find just Wrong

It's not that she's Shining Shoes, Its just that she's pregnant. She doesn't need to do that while pregnant. (yes thats New Orleans)

The Vote.

America is Confused and so am I. If i was Republican I'd Vote for Mitt Romney, because I respect his views. (Views on What you ask) .. EDUCATION. and The No Child Left Behind. thing. Im All for Education. At least to the point where a CHILD MUST BE SCHOOLED! .. yeah that .. and thats ONE of the reasons. But hey I'm Not Republican!

Vote:Mays Gilliam 2004!! (comes from the movie "Head Of The State")

Note From The Book