Monday, May 07, 2007

That Fox Report on Those Escort Services

Well. The DC Madam case is Big in the news now. so Fox News took it upon themselves to Interview two Madams. one's who's services is mainly massage therapy. the other a transsexual escort service which their. The segment was about how they get loads of highly profiled people in the entertainment and government. some who the escorts don't realize are famous until they see them on tv or hear them on the radio.

What got me was this though, the transsexual said that she gets loads of people in the Music Industry. when she pointed out Rappers, that was sorta surprising. Which the reporter said it herself, that The people who apply for these services are the same people who get on TV with their wives denying and speaking against that lifestyle. Or like Rappers who swear that they are Hardcore and quick to call somebody out when they are all in the same game.

I remember watching reading articles about how Rappers like Chingy, Nelly, Snoop, and Fat Joe had them in their Music Video's and Dancing at their live performances.

although they didnt name anyone in the report Fox's Story just put all their business out there even more dont ya think?.

I originally did a thread about this on Urban Chocolate.
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