Sunday, June 03, 2007

as i sit here drinking coca cola, I consider the following

I must lose weight for real. I recently passed up one of my HS band Buddies web pages and i saw the he lost a whole lot of weight. I got a call from my boy T.Wright saying and i asked him about Lou, he said that Lou Had a heart problem so he was ditermined to lose weight. after hearing that he lost over 100 pounds I felt like PooPoo.. Why? because i had attempted but never actually gotten on to my Journey in to weight loss. I'm 280+ on average. After having back surgery in 03 I gained Everythiing i have now. all that Resting Lazyness and Everything else needed to change. so I changed. now im back to who i was before katrina .nothing has gotten better on the Weight side of my life.

the pic above is picture of him in 2004 ..

the pic here is well.. Now basically.. not the best quality pic but u can Tell he's lost weight
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