Saturday, June 02, 2007

LOL here's whats been on my plate

..Other than what was already posted yesterday ..

So I was on The Sport yesterday (as always) reading comments to threads.. and heres what I got so far.

on The TnSU vers TxSU thread. I actually had a small argument with someone who was offended because i said that His Band Director looked like Garfield. He called me a clown and babbled on about how texas people are (he assumed that i was from Texas). AND HE CALLED ME FLORIDA EVANS!! .. LOL .. so Basically I came back with the Posted Picture of his directors. LOL I got a good response on Two Websites after posting a Comparison.

It isnt my fault that they look alike RIGHT??


In Other News... Chinese Toothpaste is Bad!, Illegal Aliens are taking over the world and White people are the new munority... (from that I heard) ..

Thinks I Have Been Looking at on The Tech-front.
  • Because of my PC not having The Right Codecs, I recently Got the VLC Player and It fixed that for me. \
  • Slacker Desktop Radio is Cool,
  • Screencast-o-matic is what made that possible
  • a-squared Free 2.1 is a cool Ad Killer that I added to my moms pc because every time my dad gets on there it ends up with spywhere. I have other Scanners and things on there that i have told u about in the past.
  • I Just recieved a Spam Message from a Nigerian Banker, in Gmail. wow! ..
  • SuperAntiSpyware 3.8.1002 <-- This one is good, but I advise you to BACK UP YOUR SYSTEM before you do this one because its deep :D
  • trying to get rid of these Google Mail invitations that came back to my mysteriously
And Thats About all. Seems Like The Marching Network has been loving my clips. LOL i'll do some more some other time

Anyway yall.. thats it for now.

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