Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amazing Grace

How Sweeeeet the Sound.... (lol) ... Its funny that I've been getting blog hits because people are typing in "Nancy Grace: Baby on Extacy" .. Its funny too because the word is actually spelled "Ecstasy" Unlike the drug "Extacy", known by its users as X, or E like MTV says. I guess they like frying their brains...

Nancy Grace is the probably hottest show on to watch CNN Headline News other than Glenn Beck right now, WHY?!! Because ALL OF HER CASES ARE SPECIAL CASES!! Sometimes I hate it, other times I LOVE IT! Sometimes i believe thats she's focusing too hard on certain subjects by asking the questions multiple times to different people in relation to that same subject. LOL Most of the time its worth it because she wants to get different answers, although most of the time they'd give her very similar answers.

I feel that the Questions from these newscasters are silly.. Those are the ones that make me go "Arrggghhh Why would she/he ask THAT!!?"

For example In the toddler on X case, She (Nancy Grace) asked the person being interviewed "Do we know where they were going?" Lol It was obvious that no one would would know the answer just by looking at the video. lol

Some days I feel that she's too hard on the "The Accused"
I Also Find it funny at the fact that every time her show comes on its "BREAKING NEWS".

I think what she really wants out of this Benoit case is for someone currently with WWE to give answers steroid usage is hurting Sports as a whole. Hopefully I'll be an eye opener for Wrestlers or maybe even all sportsmen (and woman).

Did anyone notice how the Jessie Davis Case Disappeared after this other girl came up missing?

Last but not least, Now that "Crunk" is in The Websters Dictionary, That officially classifies it as a "standard English" term. Right? well, now so, I'd like to hear Nancy Grace, Glenn Beck, or even the folks at FOX to use it in a sentence
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