Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Sport Folks Talk about the Warning signs

Of the End times that is.. A big argument between members that started because his pastor spoke of signs of the end times that he most likely so on the Left Behind tapes or learned thru the bible conspirators .. Well .. After all of their fussing over What is what posting Scripture after scripture, I had to post my Views about it. Which is basically THIS BELOW!

.. I feel like this ... These theories were driven by conspiracy to The end times. mainly because of man made technology and climate change and things that had been going on at the time they decided to come up with this , Just like Nostradamus did in his time, people saw this info and took it as prophecy. much of those things went on in his time, just like the bible (and other religious books) we take this and use it as a Metaphoric reference on how to live right under God. Maybe some of the things we are going through are in relation to the end times. but like Corey said. This stuff has been though up YEARS AGO!. some Before the technology had become advanced as it is. You had you people who said that the world will end in 1993.. 1996, 1998 and 2000 ... We've passed those dates. the New dates are 2012 and 2015 much of this revolved around the technologies of the times.. the newer dates are of Conspiricy/Prophecy .. what should we believe .. the bible doesnt give Dates, its gives a VISION from someones mind that REVEALS only the fact that these things WILL ACCUR SOMEDAY Remember.. According to the bible, The Beast from The Earth Will Rize, What Could this Beast be? .. Maybe not a one person. Maybe its an orginization .. maybe its Technology like THey want us to believe .. REMEMBER .. THE BIBLE DOESNT GIVE DIRECT DETAILED INFO FROR A REASON. IT GIVES U ENOUGH JUST SO U CAN KNOW WHY U NEED TO LIVE THE RIGHT WAY... .. I didnt want to write all of this , but thats how i see it.

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