Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Spoiler!

In The End, He wakes up!! and he's still an 8 year old boy! ...

Harry Potter madness is so false and evil. I can't see why people like that crap so much!.. Harry Potter is CRAP! AND SO IS LORD OF THE RINGS!!

No, Harry Potter Fans, Im just kidding, If you have the book, Read it....

But What I really wanted to say was that I went to sleep this morning at 4am trying to upload these reunion pics (see the one on the side) Its of the Committee who thru this together .. yeah.. I really didn't have a title for this one and well, Harry was on the news so It sparked the title! ..Whooo! ..

LOL seems like everyone thinks that Harry Potter is gonna die.. It wont affect me though because I don't care for it. I DO LIKE THE THEME SONG THOUGH!


Note From The Book
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