Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Reunion is Over

Three days of Fun and Oh How Tired I am!

I spent this weekend taking hundreds of pictures and a few video clips of everything. everone enjoyed themselves, I was hoping that more people whoul've showed out for the "All class reunion party" at Ray's Boom Boom Room. Kermit Ruffin was in the house, it was my first time seeing him live. him and the band were great. That man is a true New Orleanian. I dont remember the Trombonist name, but I believe it was "David Freeman" or something like that. They were great. seems like The K was in The House too. I heard many people from the 80's and beyond talking about the good old days of band or School. . the picnic was great and everything all the partying Im Tired.

I'll have a link to the pictures. this makes me want to start an account at Bubbleshare or something like that.

Boy Boy, Grey Goose is strong as all out doors. Drinking it straight is bad on the stomach. .. I sure ate a Hamburger po-boy after all that partyin' to cease the rupture in my belly

The K might be closed but all the memories are Forever cant nothing but altzimers take that away from us We Love the K., We Miss the K, Hail Aima Mater and Fight Fight Win Win..LOL!...

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