Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How am I Doing? ...

Today I Searched for an old Band director of mines and I found him. James Griffin Jr. Directed at Edward H. Phillips Middle in 1995-96 and 96-97. According to the Profile on The School website he's only been teaching for 12 years. so Thats about Right yall! .. I was apart of his first student class. There was an Email to contact him so i used it. I basically gave him a thank you letter letting him know that if it wasnt for him getting me started, I probably wouldn't have the love and dedication for the World of marching band.

In other news...

I've been getting these things done with the JFK 97 class. I've Just Changed up the myspace Page. I've uploaded Photos' Not I have to Complete The Video's and DVD's

Here's a video Below.

Im Tired yall! but This stuff is Fun! ..

Check out Kennedyforever.v33.org
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