Friday, February 15, 2008

Do You feel Safe on your Campus?

Man, I just ask this because of the North Illinois University Shooting, and Well, It Made me think of the Va Tech Situation. Infact they're comparing the Two. on TV too.

How Aware and Alert are you while on campus?

lie, at times I've been Zoned out, basically focusing on The Instructors Mouth and taking note .. Un Aware of the people around me. same as when walking by myself and thats not a good thing.

There have been shootings many schools since the VA Tech Killings that we have and haven't heard about. because it wasnt of a mass amount of people hurt. Such as the LTC Killings last week when that girl just walked in and killed 2 people than herself... just Insane

When the LSU killings happened last year, Myself and Josiah had a discussion about what if it happened at our campuses.

and he noted that At SU there's really only one way In and One Way Out of the campus (unless u jump in the Mississippi ) so although its Set off from the rest of BR. It's not a neccessarily a secure area.

At TSU and University of Houston, its not the safest location because their are "Body Snatchers" in houston and due to the campus being an Open Campus in the middle of the Hood, anyone can walk on and do just about anything they want

so thats unsafe . especially for females

whats your take on safety in skoolz?
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