Saturday, February 16, 2008

What Today Is!

A Rundown List!

  • It's February 16th!
  • My Niece Made 13, I'm Currently 23 So yall know it was 13 when she was born! :D
  • My Brother Turns 14 Next Month
  • My Cousin Sharon's Birthday was Yesterday. She should be like 25
  • I Feel OLD.
  • It's All Star Weekend
  • I Might go Ride my bike somewhere.
  • Or maybe Go by my sister.
  • My Brother N Law's Car was Totaled Yesterday.
  • A Big Rig Truck Hit it!
  • He wasn't in The Truck, if anybody was in there they would've been DEAD.
  • I didn't see the truck, I only Heard of how it looks from my sister.
  • I Spent time working on my JFK Band website
  • I changed it up because it was basically useless now
  • So I Just Fixed the pages to link Directly to the Blog that "i've officailly turned the site Into.
  • It was Cherry's birthday the other day .Yay Cherry!
  • as you can see, I'm bored. Which also means .. Goodbye!
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