Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Five Heartbeats!

So I went to WalMart today looking for a Tripod, I didn't see The 64 Inch. So I didn't get any. So I Bought The Five Hart beats Movie. OH YEAH! CLASSIC. why? Because . "I Got Nothin' But Looove 4 U Bay-Bae!" LOL .They Sing that song A WHOLE LOT in the movie Nah.. Really though, it's a great Movie. almost like a Fictional version of a load of 60's and 70's bands rolled in to one. ..

Robert Townsend is a beast, It's the now the 2nd Film I Own which was created by him. I also have Hollywood Shuffle "Jimmee, Jimmee, you killeded my brother!" LMAO!! is it me or is there a Character named Jimmie in every Robert Townsend Film

Speaking of Movies, I had my spike Lee moments the other day, Watching Malcolm X and Do The Right Thing, I Also have School Daze on too I love 80's and 90's Black Films because that time was a big change in the Black Culture, its a time where blacks embraced their Blackness within the films. you had Positive and Negative Images. But in the end There was always a Good message. even when they were Comedies. You had The Keenan Ivory Wayans films like Low Down Dirty Shame and I'm Gonna Get You Sucka .. Barry Gordy had The Last Dragon. Oh I Didn't Mention that I already have The Temptations movie. Yeah man.. Yeah!! I love it

I was glad to get out of the house this early though Why? because I got a chance to see What was Left of the Uptown Projects. My First time at the Uptown Walmart was Today. it's wild because it was my first time standing on what used to be the St. Thomas Project I what was built to replace it. I don't care for it and I know thats whats going to be done with the St. Bernard.

I saw what was left of the Calliope as well. Now I've been on the Melphamine side of the 3rd This year and its still there. Makes me wonder why the Desire Neighborhood isn't to where it needs to be. The Desire has been Sitting there Untouched (at least in my eyes) since the Storm, which means it Looks like they have no intentions to Rebuild what was already a New ans Still unfinished Neighborhood. But hey. I'm Good about this whole Thing. Lets just hope This makes the city "Safe" like they want it.

Like I've said in the past. Getting Rid of The Projects wont get rid of crime. it only gets rid of the buildings. There are no project now. and the crime is still here.

There have been Many Drug Bust in and around this The Nearby Parishes which had nothing to do with Blacks, nor Projects of New Orleans. and now you see that crime in this city comes from everywhere and has an affect on everyone. it's scary. BUT, ya gotta live with it.

.And Thats Just the way it is...

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