Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wow, The News ya get

Recently I was talked to my mom about the old Hood and a dream i had, and appearently that dream was only a Vision letting me know that Mr. Harold Harrison Owner of The Mr. Harrison's Sweet Shop Died on February 16th, He was 70 years old.. I just read the obituary today at

He's watched families of The St. Bernard Project Residents Grow up, He knows Fathers and Grandfathers, his family was Trusted in our hood. Man.. it seems like you find out something new every week..

In The Picture, Mr Harrisons Sweet Shop is the little white building. It sold Sweets to the Kids and Beer to their Daddys. My Heart goes out to the family, hopefully they'll restart the business.

Just when I thought that was the worst news I'd get, My CB Antonio from The Ocean has Lost his Girlfriend. Suicide. and Nobody knows why. I didn't know her personally but it sad to know that somebody else you know has to go through a loss such as that.

Only God........
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