Monday, February 11, 2008

Have it your way!

So I got a call from my Momma, asking me to go to the store to get her some NyQuil, I also got me some Dr Tichenor's Antiseptic Mouthwash. so after that I took a walk to the gas station and then Burgerking .. thats where i saw This Girl who's my Facebook friend. she was like HEY!! and i was like .. I know u from Facebook. she came around the way to talk, i guess she was on her break. i didnt know what to say so I asked if they were uhh.. she was like Yeah always I told her i'll get one next time im there. lol she was like we'll suit yourself I walked off almost forgetting my drink .. lol .. but yeah she slim but she look way betta in but I was like dang .. I never thought i'd meet somebody in a burger king .. especially being that this was somebody i should've known already being that we only graduated a year a part at Kennedy HS. lol

Ahh.. and Dr. Tichenor's .. it says JUST ADD WATER!! ..lmao.. unlike the Bandheads who i know who have tried it straight .. .. THAT STUFF IS HARD ON THE MOUTH so I WONT!

anyway I Missed The Grammies and Now I've Banned JJamaljCymbals from Msport! TWICE!
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