Monday, February 11, 2008

That Old Time Religion | Why Knocking Ones Denomination is Wrong to me

I Was Reading a Facebook Note about somebody who joined a Church of God in Christ, She stated that people have knocked her because of it and she also stated how she felt. so I replied to the thread saying this Below...

you know once I was told that I was Confused because, I'm Pentecostal. and I belong to Apostolic Church. so It's wild to me that There are people within Christian Denominations that go against other Christian Denominations.

IMO it's just a title of the practice. because we're Christians reading from the same Bible and trying to get to the same God. we just choose to study in a different manner

One of The Commentators in this thread Said,
The Focus is GOD and not a particular Church body or Denomination.

With that said, Although we chose our denomination as part of our way to Christ. we must remember that Its only a division of the many branches of Christianity.

we have people who make their Denomination seem Holier than The Other, as if they are gangs. and its not about that... Its where the person feels comfortable in their walk with god.

i found this quote

"Our divisions should never be discussed except in the presence of those who have already come to believe that there is one God and that Jesus Christ is his only Son."
--C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity

and thats just how i feel as well. I'm not Big on Religion because I am also In search for truth myself. I'm just one of the Many that Believe In God.

Ya Feel Me?

Note From The Book

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