Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I got my Hard Drive Woo!!

yesterday It came in and I got some things done!, I The hard Drive is called "MyBook Essentials" which is funny because im "The Book"
This GB Hard Drive will do me WELL!! Now I Can Clean out some stuff on my PC!! wooo!!!

Its a few things I want to talk about ..Lets see,

They're Officially Tearing The St. Bernard Projects Down... and I'm Feelin' Fine. But its sad to know its goin...


OOOO Heroin is Killing Everybody!! Yeah, A Girl from Lusher HS Died from Heroin usage, Her mom assumes it was her first time using it. But I doubt that because she knew exactly where to find it. But This girl was 16 She shouldn't have been fooling with this stuff anyway. and now her family weeps. They talked about how Could've Been stressed from Losing 2 homes and a dog in Katrina and things like that. But Hey, Didnt we all? .. i mean, yeah man It's sad that she died, but she was doing HEROIN, which doesn't make her Innocent. I dont care how much of a broken home you live in. You gotta deal with it and not make yourselves sick and depressed behind it. Drugs and Alcohol dont Supress Stress, They only help Kill You!

She was a Student at the New Lusher HS which used to Be Fortier HS, But it was taken over By Tulane University and its one of the "Good Schools" now. See, It first they Thought that This was a thing going Around lowlifes in The Lower Class Communities. They now see that These drugs run Through all lifestyles. .. Oddly Enough They Caught the Sellers of this Heroin and its only been in the News 3 days. See, This story wasnt covered on the news when she died. Yesterday They Caught the Sellers, According to Jim Lettin, They've always had their Eye on the two men who were selling. YET THERE WERE OTHER DRUG OVERDOSE CASES RECENTLY AS WELL!.. They're currently trying to see if those cases Tie to The Two Celler

Note: This Story had nothing to do With Black people, It Took A Little White girl from an uppity area of the city To Die to Find That This stuff is Serious.

See here

The authorities warn that young people are being exposed to heroin and other dangerous drugs in every sector of the community.

“Whether you’re affluent living on St. Charles or in B.W. Cooper or the Lafitte, you as a child will be exposed to this,” said Letten.

Prevost’s mother said she wants kids to understand the meaning of the word overdose.

“I want kids to understand when they use the word overdose, the implication is that there's a safe does,” she said. “But there's no safe dose.

Full Article here

WWLTV had also Interviewed other families of kids with Drug problems who attended the "Better Schools" .

Usually the Better school are Majority White people.

When Fortier first Integrated, The Blacks moved in and the whites moved out. Now that Tulane University has it It's Like A Charter Magnet school. which means the governing body places who they want in the schools. ... you get the idea..

Speaking of that. I have more to talk about! I'll write on it later..

Stay off The Drugs!

Note From The Book
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