Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the people in Jefferson Parish are going Crazy

why? because They're afraid that their students will be around too many black folks.. Well Not

what it is is that, Since the time of Desegregation, The Schools Intergrated in N.O. which made majority of N.O's white people move to Jefferson. and although over time they had Intergrated, the schools were still separated in classification as "White Schools". well, In the 60's the Government had gave the people of JP the opportunity to Have Their Schools Permited to schools outside of Districts. Which provided Free School bus Transportation to where ever that students parents wanted to attend school at.

In New Orleans, (pre Katrina) Students Info Automatically went to the Nearby Neighborhood School .. and Thats what They're gonna do with Jefferson Parish if this Herring goes through like they want it.

The People of Jefferson dont want it that way because it would mean that They'd be MORE Integrated than what they already where. This doesnt effect Private or magent schools there. but it does to the Public school kids..

In My Opinion. its a PUBLIC school and everybody's public. Note.. This Only Effects Black and White students. not Hispanic or anything like that. The Parents still have this mind set that They dont want their kids amongst black kids.

I think its crazy though. Yeah The Kids Should be able to go to the schools they please. but hey, Carpool or something, you dont Need the governments surveillance nor for the government to make sure that their kids are getting to the schools anymore.

As for New Orleans, Now the RSD and Charters Schools have Bus transportation. Why? because all the nearby schools arent open. and The ones nearby arent available to everybody. I live near Ben Franklin HS. That is not a regular public school. Never was. but they did have a diverse body of student. McMain was like that for a while too. . Kennedy isnt Open and thats also in this area. Brother Martin HS is Down the street but its private. Gregory Middle isnt open either. What does this mean for my brother. He has to attend McDonogh 35. which would be 3 long bus rides from where we live. and so they bring the buses.. or he catches rides because he never makes the bus. (it comes too early he has to be to school by 8. his bus comes for 5:30 Am)

IF we had a HS Open near us. He'd go there. Not only because its Near. but IT would've been his first choice anyway. WHY? because It was the school My sisters, my brother and I graduated from. it wasnt our district school but now it is and its not open. ..

Yeah, You may want the best education for your kids. but why not have the kid attend a nearby school. Everybody's Learning the Same Stuff, the big difference is the environment. you're in. and I feel like this. If You feel that the school in your neighborhood is bad.then Move nearby the good schools and then send your child there or something. lol
I just feel that its about Convenience as well as education.
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