Saturday, February 09, 2008

Out of Boredom I write today

There's a Battle of the bands going on in baton rouge that i could've been at. No Tpy, No go. Nothing big I'll here the results ya know. For me, Mardi Gras was the thing tho, I got Enuff pictures over that period.

In other news, i got another letter about the classes from NOVAC, I wont redo my application though. I've been thinking more about Houston, Why? it's where my Life was. lol.. I gotta get back there. or at least get in to something here. I gotta make move now man. its 2008!!

I am currently watching my nephew he's no problem 4 me either. lol
all my folks say he looks like me, i think its funny because he looks like his daddy the only reason he looks like me is because my sister looks like me

today is the Louisiana primaries, unfortunately i didn't go and vote. why? iono. i think it had something with me being an idiot about it .. its a shame because I've been watching these primaries and debates from the start and its wild to me how its all seem to have gone "Hollywood". It seems that people are voting for "who's the more popular Face" and not for the purposes of what they want to accomplish for this country.

Look at John McCain. He's the Front runner now and it's partially because he's been a known face in his party. Nobody Knew of Mike Huckabee or Ron Paul and some of these other Cats untill they started Running.. same is Romney. They were Unknowns by the Full US until they decided to run. I've heard of Barack Obama before he got his seat in the Senate. Partially because of well. Radio ... and Hillary Mainly because she was Bill Clinton's wife.

People Voted Bush in because he was The Son of A Bush.. yet Al Gore was already in the seat.. People even questioned Gore's Experience. yet he was VICE Prez... Ohh man... They even did it to John Edwards in 04 .. although he means well, I don't even see why he tried to Run again.

'In my opinion, Hillary would make a great president , but i don't agree with the "she's been there" talk .. why ... because she has never been a president.. yes she's been in the white house and may have helped make a few of Bill Clinton's Decisions But she has no true experience as US president. No doubt she has earned her right and deserves the big spot. but man. In Comparison to Obama. They have Similar Backgrounds in their Fields.

JFK didn't have much experience before he got voted in, so to me the things said about Obama's experience in comparison to Clinton "being there" shouldn't matter. because it doesn't mean that a person has experience in a field.

But it seems like every time they ask somebody why the support Hillary, They say its because she's Been There... and it just GETS ON MY NERVES!!

Yeah but uhh,, I gotta eat. thats all i have to say for now.
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