Saturday, February 09, 2008

Ahh.. The Discussion About that Honda

Alright, On the Boards SWACPAGE, 5Q and Marchingsport, they were talking about how TSU band members were caught Smoking during their Stay in ATL at the honda.

the thing is, thats the only detail they knew. some had even added that they were caught on Video and put on Youtube.. that was a Lie.. yet they put that charge on the whole band as if the whole band did something wrong,

The thing is, 4 members were Caught smoking and their Scholarships and Education at TSU had been Vanquished since then. the members who knew about the situation tried to keep it hushed until some rumor was stated that they trashed a hotel.. that was false, why because Tuskegee's band was also in the building and they had even been warned about what they had been doing there, TSU had no involvement. unfortunately it came about that "the band was smoking" do somebody came and basically told all.

With that said, These people were making it seem like none of their band members have done the same thing. .. the only difference in between those bands and TSU's members have been caught in action.

they make it seem like its so bad .. which yeah it is a stupid thing to do. but dang man..these people act like their band members are smoke free. and squeeky clean. ya know
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