Thursday, February 21, 2008

Randoim Happenings

Seems like That March 2005 Lakeview Murder Case has been Solved Thats wild to me and I'm happy about it. Why? Because Lakeview Had always been a Quiet and maybe the safest New Orleans Neighborhoods in the city for anyone to live in. And It was just tragic for a woman who hadnt done anyone anything to be Hit up like that. Which brings me to The Things that would happen at places Uptown in the Garden District area. one of the other Finer neighborhoods in the city. Usually These cases involve stupid people who want to get caught. because eventually they do and They go to jail for awhile.

As For Jefferson....
Jefferson Parish wants to Get Rid of Trailers off of Home Owners Properties, If They don't follow up, THEY GET SUED!! How sad, They Want to Put People out Too!. Some of these people haven't fixed up their homes yet and we're trying to get rid of their temps already.

Wow, Louisiana Housing Just Sux-a-mundo!

Ahhh Back to N.O.

Looks like Nagin is Pissed Off! .. oddly Enough the 10 o'clock Broadcast is on now. I saw the earlier broadcast. and yeah He was just Mad at Channel 4 For Real!. That boy went on The Morning Broadcast getting ready to Take Out Eric Pulson. Lol. that was kinda funny, but hey its understandable. It wasnt Eric's fault. He just had to Ask the Questions for that morning.

Well I'm still watching this stuff about Nagin, but hey, Nagin does feel that like is part Slander, I wonder if he's watching. He's very disappointed in this. I know he's gonna be mad at some of the people who were interviewed. But hey, This does seem like Personal Exploitation.
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