Sunday, March 09, 2008

ahh nothing much

So I really don't know how to tell my folks that i want to leave. My sister Red is all for it, at first i thought she's be against it. I wonder if she told Latrice. Yesterday I wanted to talk to my momma about it like i was supposed to be she sorta got off subject so i let it go. I didn't tell Wayne anything because he'd want me to stay here and Find a job.

I think that They will not want me to go, but i feel that i need to go. maybe i'll be sacrificing much of everything i have here. but thats nothing. maybe i wont be attending all these SU games. but I will be at many TSU ocean of soul events. maybe I can try to roll with Herman and his group. tag along with the TSU Herald. Maybe even get an Honorary something there. LOL

ahh Man I just hope this all works out, Everybody who I talked to is supportive. I talked to My Brother N Law's Cousin and she even supports it. I sorta feel good about it all. But everything ends as to transportation and getting things back to Houston. .. furniture and everything ya know.

I also had some Magnesium Citrate because my stomach felt crazy, and boy oh boy was i running ! yall know what i mean.. Anyway man.. I gotta finish fixing this room up...

Hopefully my Box will come tommorow, I still have to wright up my whole Diagnosis on this PC here
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