Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Doing these videos again

I just created more characters for more matches...
Check out my latest match The J-Sette vs The Doll Vs The Motion.

Ladies and gentlemen! Fine-tune your sensory apparatus for the acme and pinnacle in the most incredible and exquisite sights and sounds found in any performance anytime and anywhere! For it's the utmost, the most impressionable, the susceptible, the sentient, and the most acute performing aggregation you have ever witnessed.

at the top is a Dr. James' J-States Introduction to the Halftime show Speach ..LOL Danny asked me Why and How I'd know or Remember that. LOL .. well.. "it is written" .. and it was Cut & Pasted ..LOL!

Lets see.. This past week I've found that J is nolonger the Motions Captain, But she's still on the team thats great .. (did i say that..iono) .. .. I connected with a Crabsis of mine on Myspace ..

Efrem called, he wanted my word .. I havent Finnished "Thinking" about it yet.

I'm still trying to do my Thing with this ad-sense. I've never gotten paid but i Know i've made over 100 dollars.. LOL sux!!
I Fixed Errors on My Bro N Law's Cousin's PC.. She Called Yesterday and Thanked me for the help .. I sure got 20 dollars out of it . no prob .lol

I've been doing random things. like
Listening to The Tombcast and talking to The fellow listeners, Adran The One Man Band is good with it.
Getting in touch with some folks thru facebook
Earlier this month I showed my cousin a baby pic of himself
Yeah They knocked the building i lived in down (RIP To The Projects)
As for my nephew.. I've been watching him and he's fun to watch..
Something Feels So Wrong about posting this entry.. i think its the font or something Maybe its because i dont have the Cleartype tuner on here anymore
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