Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dreamin... Nightmarin' | Makes me wanna call my brother ..

So I had a Nightmarish dream that my Brother Jaime was Killed while here on a visit. Odly enuff i keep dreaming of Deaths. Maybe its because my Cousin was killed in December and My hood is being torn down. Iono. But anyway man.

In my Dream. Jaime and Jarvis had just made it to N.O from Tx.. We were still living in the Projects in this dream... umm.. So its like Jaime and Jarvis go out. .. Jaime ends up Killed. Maybe shot up or beaten. it was Both i think.. Anyway.. It was over a Beef he had nothing to do with. It happened in the like up the street far down.. (hope yall understand that .. anyway ..

Yeah, So I get the call that he's dead.. and all we could wonder is How and way.. After getting our answar and Discussing this stuff with my mom. We had to set up a funeral. and nobody knew what it was, we discssed what we'd have and in the dream i said (with tears in my eyes) "I dont want to go to another funeral" ... After that.. The dream shifted to my Room of the house.

That part of the dream, I was in my room and i got a phone call, It was jaime, telling me how it was in Heaven and everything He even said that he was on Myspace ..LOL. i was like dang bruh .. lol He was telling me that he saw us and we were there with him. that was weird ...

And then I woke Up...

It was more to it but i'll leave it at that .. The Whole Setting took place at my old hood that nolonger Exist..

Project Dreamin huh?

I gotta call my brother about that one he at TSU, he aint Dead and thats a good thing
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