Thursday, March 13, 2008

and THATS what im talking about

I was reading articles in relation to that girl who OD'd on heroin and Coke.
They traced the Situation back to Text Messages. The Distributor was Working at the school he's 23. the girl was 16 .. They Text'd each other about using the drugs. it was planned, it wasnt that girls first time like her mom thought.

Anyway .. Now that people see that this crime has no connection to the Hood, the Projects, Thugs or Gangsters, They want to say Nice and great things about the Good school and / or Not Say anything bad at all about anyone involved .. they just say

I've realized that people tend to speak their minds about Crime and Illegal activity in the Lower Class.

but when it involves crimes and illegal activity in the "higher classed" communities they tend to Hide from or Ignore the situation. as if it never happens in their communities.

I saw Many Sarcastic posts and many were "Real" so to speak. For example This below

Posted by destroyno on 03/12/08 at 4:23PM

And just think, Lusher is one of the "good" schools and they're swapping and selling and using more dope than the kids at Cohen or one of the other schools where you all say all of the thugs are at. These kids at Lusher seem to be gangsters!

or this

Posted by beaugarage on 03/12/08 at 3:54PM

so this is how kids raised by guidance counselors and law professors behave? way to go folks. i hate to bring down any karmic backlash by criticizing, but come on, parents! one peek at your 16 year old's cell phone and all this could have been avoided. how do you allow her to "date" a 23 year old? ever heard of statutory rape? with all due respect, OPEN YOUR EYES, PARENTS! children don't have the right to UNLIMITED privacy. who paid for that cell phone? whose homes were they using as hangouts? mercy sakes alive!

and then there is this

Posted by granzombi on 03/12/08 at 4:30PM

Blaming the parents and the school is flat out wrong. This kid, not a man clearly, is a predator and a liar, he could fool anyone, and did. He was tutoring a troubled high school student and took advantage of the situation. One sick piece of work. Put the blame for this tragedy right where it belongs.

Source of the article is Here

See what I mean.. In the Last Quoted Comment the person expresses their feelings about Blaming something on the School being wrong ..

Well see.. thats the same way i feel when people blame things on "The Projects" and not The Single persons who were involved in the crime,. They do that with black schools all the time too. they'd straight up say "Fortier is a bad school" because the way kids acted They turned it in to Lusher a "Good School" and The same thing is happening ..

Why? Because The Building doesn't Make The Person. The Person has to make their own choices.

One woman said that her child who attends Lusher even told her that there's high drug trafficking at the school. How "Good" is that.

All The Kids in and around this city face the same issues. and People are Quick to throw the blame on the "less privileged. Why not Go Directly to the Source and solve the problem. We dont HAVE to wait till someone else dies.

Nobody's Perfect. Not even The most Accomplished people on earth. But we have to Live Right and obey the common laws of life or we face Sudden Death. and the Proof is in the pudding.

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