Monday, March 17, 2008

Finally He's gonna be Banned from Myspace

Alright, I know yall dont know the story but here it is...

This fool is basically an Impostor, he's been sending messages to me, all i did was mark him as spam as well as send Abuse reports to myspace to get this fool off.

Basically according to him .. he's trying to expose some friend of mines .. Both are dancers, One at a University, the other in High school about to graduate. . At first he posted the video on the site that I administer. They asked me to remove it. So i tracked his mail back to Myspace. From there I Commented on his videos telling him that he's a Coward! .. YET .. he doesnt want to be refered to as a HIM.

what he did was this.. He Added the video to myspace an youtube. so I decided to send in an abuse report, on his account at myspace. I recently got 2 letters telling me that it'll take 72 hours for the content to be removed. So. im happy! YeahI told myspace that i banned him from 2 different areas of my website because of his actions and well yeah.. they took action.

LOL!! .. yeah Just yesterday he sent me messages telling me how stupid I am for trying to help them.. lol .. I think its funny that I actually was able to get someone removed from Myspace! .. How Great! ..

other than that. the video wasnt a big deal. It's just that its HIM who'd doing it . Basically he has a personal infatuation with Those girls, yet he talks about them badly. and since i consider them friends I took action. .. Oddly enough He wants to BE them. .. HOW SAD!

Well.. Justice of the Book Has Been Served!
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