Tuesday, March 18, 2008

so that fool is at my cousin's house

yeah my Lil Brother didnt come home today. had us all worried in here. I called my Brother to get my cousin number (around 12:30) he was there asleep.
and yeah the first think that came to my mind is ,, WHY DA HELL DIDN'T HE CALL HERE!! he has a cellphone and it was OFF the whole time . he never called and had us worried. how dumb. Im gonna tell him about that.

he thinks because my cousin came here, he can go there and sleep... BUT they're not doing in how its SUPPOSED To go. why?

First off... When My Cousin slept here .. My Brother did these things

  • Missed band rehearsal
  • Performances
  • Coming home acting like he didnt have practice
  • Claim to be sick
  • On weekdays
  • not informing anyone

Now he decides to sleep over there w/o telling anyone .. THAT AINT RIGHT!!.. this means he missed practice.. yesterday he didn't march.. Friday he didn't go to practice

AND OO!! . he wants to fight and do all this but he gets to school late so he didn't finish LEAP testing or what ever tests they were on... TERRIBLE ..

Now see my cousins mom, She would call her because she KNEW he was her .. I didn't know WHERE he was .. He needs to NOT do that ..

yey he as the nerve to sleep out ON A WEEKDAY!! .. WHY???
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