Friday, March 07, 2008

So I've talked to a few people.

And well, they support me and I really want to go back, the problem comes in where my parent and kin folks are. They're looking at the fact that There's AmeriCorps here and not that I was Happy WORKING out there. something that i'm not doing here. Its like Every time i talk to my mom about going back. they talk about why they left. I'd rather go back and Live than to Stay herere and Be Nobody ya know.

I asked a few things and she let me know. but still I don't think that Her my dad, or my older siblings would even want me to go back. I'll have to talk to my sister ya know.

It's not gonna be easy but it could happen. i CAN go live with my brother, they actually have a stove and it would be easier for me to get around ya know.

Its soo crazy but im ready to take it on!. You know. they always say "you're 23, you dont have a job, you stay inside to much" .. but every time I'm out I'm always Babysitting. or Being supervised (bu phone call) and I DON'T LIKE THAT! ..

I'd rather work and be happy doing what I'd love to do, than tho work at tbe Burger King up the street. Working there will not teach me anything that i Don't know. ya know .. and thats how i feel.

Its a shame when Your top supporters are the same once who are holding u back. and thats mainly because they want me to choose the path that I want but under there eyes and supervsion..

All my people are OVER PROTECTIVE!! AHHHHH!!
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