Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Man.. sometimes I just don't feel like being here

especially on a day like this..

Alright, my mom was a the hospital overnight When they came home they they woke me up from a maybbe 3 hour slumber after my night of cleaning. then they fussed at me for my room not being clean enough.. and im like DAN I JUST WOKE UP!!! . we had to go to the Hano Office to get our status renewed. yeah it was all good, but on the ride there i was MAD as hell because i felt played when i got up.. then I'm lookin at everything around me and its giving me good reason NOT to be here. same as on the way back from dropping her off at that hospital too... Man just sad.. this city makes me not want to be here at all.

also.. Maaaaaaaaaaan.. so we passed around the St. bernard only to witness that my whole side has been torn down. looks so false.. makes me feel like i lost a part of my life.. Oddly enough the one building they haven t knocked down on that side was the building that My grand parent lived in up until 1994 and we dont understand why it still stands .. but man.. its just weird .. and yeah im mad .. but im not mad enough to go protest like a load of them did the other day .. THAT was useless and uncalled for. .. why protest now. That part of the fight is OVER. all we NEED to fight for now is BETTER. not RUBBLE! ..

...when I came home, I was supposed to be waiting for the home owner.. well.. I fell asleep and i just really woke up.. and uhh .. maaaaaaan.. still there's no food and im hungry...

Im just tired of being here.. and well yeah physically tired too
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