Tuesday, March 18, 2008

didnt really have any sleep time

I stood up all night, I went to my sisters house, fixed her connection, ate some chicken, watched my nephew, checked my messages.. you know the usual. Oh, My brother made F's on his report Card .. sad.. I recently did a Kennedy HS layout for myspace page. and My mom is in the hospital. its nothing big tho..

I think im gonna throw that layout style on my pain page. Seems like ole girl named that page 5700 Wisner Blvd because of me having it as a title of my site. LOL Cool huh? ..lol they all just use my stuff ..lol It dont matter though.

Check that page out here http://myspace.com/5700wisnerblvd

Yeah. I didnt add much, I just took things off, changed the music and called it a day! ..lol

Other than that Im TIRED!! ..lol

Seems like those myspace apps load Slow huh.. wow man..lol
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