Saturday, March 15, 2008

So My Brother tried ti Fight me While I was holding a baby

.. So was sitting here t Minding my own buisness, rockin the baby tyring to make him stay sleep 4 a while. and mt brother and nephew came in the room making noise. I told him to get out and be quiet.. He got Smart with me and told NO and shut up .. so i got up to push make him go in his room.. He braced himself and then just started punching me .... So Me.,. I went to put the baby down and I Bearhhugged that fool and put him in my mommas room...

I cant believe he tried to fight me.. I told'em.. don u ever fight me Im YO big brotha!!. this fool think he grown since he in HS now ..

He's Still Mad but oh well.. Dude shouldn make noise and get smart with me after i tell him something..

This is why i want to leave too.. Because THEY dont listen to me.. which makes our parents get mad at ME. and THATS a problem. Im too old for this...


.. ahh man.. and THIS MORNING I COULDNT STAY ASLEEP FOR NOTHING .. NOISE ALL MORNING .. The Dogs Barking when they're in my room.. and Knocking on my door when im outside of the room.. My dad attempting to wake me up a number of times for NO REASON and he had the HEATER ON...

sucks.. well.. gtg .. diaper change.... later
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